Server Offers

Benefits of Choosing a Dedicated Server Package from Host.AG

Dedicated Operating System: We can install the OS of your choice. There is no setup fee for reinstalling the operating system. We can install one of the following operating systems: CentOS 6, CentOS 7, CloudLinux, Debian, Fedora Core, Fedora Core Desktop, FreeBSD, Gentoo, Linux Mint Desktop, OpenSUSE, OpenSUSE Desktop, Proxmox VE, Ubuntu 12, Ubuntu 14, Ubuntu 14 Desktop, VMware ESXi and Windows 2012 R2 Standard.

Full Administrative Access: Customers will have full access to the operating system installed, root access will be granted via SSH to Linux servers and through RDP to Windows servers.

Free DDoS Protection: We offer free DDoS Protection to Host.AG Dedicated Servers using our in-built DDoS Attack and Intrusion Prevention Solution.

Remote Access to the server via KVM: Using Dell Servers KVM interface award-winning iDRAC Enterprise, customers can reinstall or upgrade the OS, access server console remotely, reboot or shutdown the server.

1GbE Uplink Connection: Each server is featured with 1GbE dedicated connection with a customizable bandwidth package, which you can upgrade anytime to a larger package.

Data Center Class Hardware: We use high-quality Dell and Supermicro hardware designed for mission-critical enterprise performance with low failure rates.

Enterprise-Class Drives: Host.AG Storage Dedicated Servers are built with high-end enterprise hard drives, designed for high-volume workload and long term reliability in the most demanding storage medium.

Data redundancy: We offer data storage virtualization and ensure data redundancy through the use of software or hardware RAID technology. Each server is fitted with enterprise RAID Controllers offering high transfer speeds and improved performance while helping to prevent data loss in the same time.

Disaster recovery plan: In the event of a worst-case scenario, our tech specialists have operating and testing procedures for data recovery, continuous data protection, failover and failback technologies.

60 Minutes Hardware Replacement Guarantee: We use high-quality enterprise class hardware. Reliable enterprise grade infrastructure means hardware failures are very rare. In the event of a failure, we will replace the failed hardware within 60 minutes.

Money back Guarantee: We have a 3-day full refund policy, no questions asked.

99.98% Network Uptime Guarantee: Our infrastructure has direct connections with multiple Tier 1 Internet backbone connections. Our network is powered by redundant high-quality enterprise class Juniper routers and switches.

European Data Center: Our servers and infrastructure are strategically located in the European Union, in downtown Sofia, capital of Bulgaria.

Carrier Neutral Certified Tier 3+ Data Center with ISO:9001 Quality Management System and ISO:27001 Information Security System certified. Electricity is provided via Class A main electrical feed, including 4 diesel generators, backup power UPSes, professional environmental friendly cooling systems, multi-level physical security and access control, and pre-action fire-prevention systems.

Technical Expertise: Handling thousands of servers for over 8 years, we have a broad experience with CentOS, CloudLinux, Debian, Fedora Core, FreeBSD, Gentoo, Linux Mint, OpenSUSE, Proxmox, Ubuntu, VMware ESXi and Windows Servers.

Exceptional Technical Customer Support is available via livechat, email, telephone or through our in-built user friendly ticket support system, 24 hours a day X 7 days a week X 365 days per year.