Can dedicated hosting survive in the era of the cloud?

In recent years, we have witnessed an extraordinary rise in popularity of cloud hosting. That is because it has so much to offer compared to other forms of hosting, most notably a large degree of scalability that is hugely important for business owners that need to adjust their resources on a regular basis and do not wish to pay for more than they actually use.   

What does this all mean for the future of dedicated hosting?

So does this mean all other means of web hosting are slowly becoming irrelevant and obsolete? Well, some may think so, unless they realize there’s more to this matter than what meets the eye. Of course, there are many benefits of cloud hosting that make it seem like the obvious choice for the future, but that does not mean other forms of web hosting should simply be overlooked from now on.

Do people still opt for dedicated hosting in favor of the cloud?

Dedicated hosting is still the web hosting form of choice for many. Whether they are used for hosting online businesses, streaming or storing databases, dedicated servers provide a secure, stable environment that is still very appealing to many users worldwide.

Big businesses generally opt for dedicated hosting because of its reliability and speed. One other important reason why dedicated servers are a viable option for many is that they are highly configurable, much more than any other type of hosting.

What does cloud hosting have to offer?

Cloud hosting wins points for its scalability, which meets the needs of certain online business owners that value flexibility and the opportunity to adjust resources “on the go”, depending on what their business actually requires as it grows or shrinks.

However, cloud hosting loses some points in the security department. Ever since this type of hosting started rising in prominence, there have been endless debates on how secure an environment cloud hosting actually provides. These skeptics’ concerns are well founded, but they have been somewhat lessened by the introduction of private clouds, which claim to be a much more secure option than public clouds.

In conclusion…

If you are a hosting provider, than we would advise you not to stop investing in infrastructure for dedicated hosting, as it is still a very appealing option for many users, thanks to its reliability and speed. If you are someone seeking web hosting services, we advise you to consider the advantages that dedicated hosting has over cloud hosting and weigh your options carefully before making a decision!

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