1. How can I order a dedicated server?

After navigating to the product page of the hosting service you wish to order and configure, press the "ORDER NOW" button go to further with your order.

2. Where are your dedicated servers physically located?

Our infrastructure and dedicated servers are located in the capital city of Bulgaria, in downtown Sofia, at the heart of the European Union.

3. What is the name of the data center where your servers are located?

We host our dedicated servers in Telepoint, a Tier 3+ Carrier Neutral Data Center.

4. Do you own the dedicated servers?

Yes, we own all our networking and servers hardware, enabling us to maintain full control and high privacy standards. We do not rent equipment from other hosting providers.

5. Do you have any dedicated servers located in USA/The Americas/Asia?

No, all our dedicated servers are located in Europe.


1. Do you provide 24/7 customer support?

Yes, we provide live on-site technical support and our IT experts are available 24/7/365 by live chat, telephone, email and ticket support system.

2. Do you provide support in other languages besides English?

At the moment we only provide support in English. We can use the live-chat in-app translation tool for other languages.

3. Can I request technical assistance through live-chat?

No, the live-chat is only for sales and emergency requests. The fastest way to solve your issue is through ticket support.

4. What is the average response time for tickets?

Our average turn-around time for support tickets is 20 minutes.

5. Is your support free or do you charge for it?

Yes, we provide free support services regarding the online status of your server and web applications but that does not include advanced customization requests. You would need to purchase a management hosting service for that type of work.

6. What do you include in your management services?

You can check out what we offer on our managed hosting services page and our package prices can be found on the order page of each hosting service.


1. How long does it take to setup a dedicated server?

Delivery times may vary according to stock and server configuration, but we usually provision, secure and deliver a server within 3-24 hours from payment.

2. Is there a dedicated server setup fee?

There is no setup fee for any of our dedicated servers or hosting solutions.

3. If I order a dedicated server from you, will you help me transfer my website?

Yes, migration specialists will take care of the data and website migration for our customers, as long as current software is used for hosting. Please check our support services page for more details regarding migration.

4. Can you deliver my server details to another email address different from the one I used to register my account?

No, all server details will be delivered to the email address used when the account was registered. In order to change the delivery email address, you will need to change the registered email address prior to server delivery.

5. Do you deliver dedicated servers on weekends?

Your server will be provisioned, secured, and typically delivered within 3-24 hours from payment, regardless of the day of the week, even on weekends.

Hosting Services

1. Can I use a server from you to host a VoIP service?

Yes, as a normal part of today’s communication system, our customers can host or use VoIP services on our dedicated servers.

2. Can I setup a VPN server on your servers?

Yes, your privacy is very important to us, and we allow our customers to host or use VPN services on our infrastructure.

3. I need a dedicated server for IPTV streaming. Do you allow hosting and streaming IPTV?

Yes, you can easily install or use IPTV services on our infrastructure. Additionally, we provide dedicated Video Streaming Services out of the box.

4. I want to set up a dedicated games server. Are you servers suitable for gaming servers?

Yes, our high performance Dell dedicated servers and network infrastructure are perfect for hosting dedicated game servers without any server delay or lag.

5. Can I use RDP to connect to my Windows dedicated server right after delivery?

Yes, part of our Windows servers initial provisioning involves the activation and testing of the Remote Desktop Protocol for customer usage.


1. Do you have a test IP I can ping?

You can check our Looking Glass page, which also includes a test IP.

2. Can I use IPv6 on my server?

Yes, besides IP4v addresses, each of our servers also has a dedicated /64 IPv6 subnet.

3. Do you provide DDoS Protection?

Every dedicated server and hosting solution is fully protected against Level 3, 4 and 7 DDoS Attacks using our in-built DDoS Attack and Intrusion Prevention Solution.

4. Can you announce my IP addresses on your dedicated servers?

Yes, our customers can announce their own IP ranges on our dedicated servers and hosting solutions. There is no setup fee, as long as all IP ranges are in the same vlan.

5. Can you announce my ASN? Are there any fees?

Unfortunately no, but we can help set up the bgp session on your server for a one-time fee of 100 EUR plus the bgp fees.

6. Do you provide BGP sessions on your dedicated servers? Are there any fees?

Yes, if you have your own IP space, we can provide BGP sessions. There is a one-time fee of 150 Euro and 50 Euro per month.


1. Do you offer Monthly Payment?

We offer 4 billing terms for our hosting solutions: Monthly, Quarterly (3 months), Semi-Annually (6 months) and Yearly (12 months).

2. Do you provide free web hosting?

No, we do not have any free dedicated server plan but we are always looking for business opportunities. If you think you have a proposition that could be interesting for us, open a ticket with our sales department.

3. Do you have any discount codes available?

Once in a while, we run promotional campaigns for certain products where we give out discount codes. Please follow us on social media to catch the latest promotions or discount codes.

4. What payment methods do you accept?

Our current payment options are: Credit Card, PayPal, BitCoin, PaySafeCard, PerfectMoney, Wire Transfer, Bank Transfer, Altcoins via Conify, SEPA Direct Debit, ecoPayz, Neosurf, MINT Prepaid, MolPoints, Qiwi and other options.

5. Do you accept payments from unverified PayPal accounts?

Unfortunately, we do not accept payments from unverified PayPal accounts.

6. Can I add funds to my account balance and automate my payments?

Yes, customers can add funds to their account balance and pay invoices from there. Our system is designed so they can manage or automate all payments.

7. What is your refund policy?

We offer a 3 days money back guarantee, no questions asked, in case our services are not what are you looking for.


1. How do I get into my account if I forgot my password?

You can go to this page and recover your password.

2. How do I get into my account if I don't have access to the recovery email any more?

You need to contact our technical department via live chat or the contact form on our website and describe your situation and one of our operators will assist you.

3. Can I change the email address that I used when I registered my account?

Yes, when logged in go to your profile page and change the email address associated with your account.

4. Can I change my username?

No, we do not allow customers to change their username.

5. Can you delete my account?

Yes, please open a ticket with our technical department and ask for the deletion of your account.

6. I have another question that’s not answered in this FAQ, what do I do?

Our support team is ready to answer any question you might have 24/7/365 by live chat, telephone, email and ticket support system.