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Starting with an order for a custom hosting solution to 24/7 support whenever a problem occurs, our team of trained IT experts will monitor and manage the technology behind any web hosting platform so our customers don't have to, allowing them to focus on growing their business.

We offer advanced management hosting services to our customers sold in monthly packages, designed for any level of maintenance required at hourly rates.


Our managed hosting services includes:

Application Management

Our technical staff will update, monitor and maintain applications throughout their lifecycle to ensure they function properly and within designated efficiency parameters.

Server Maintenance

After the initial hosting setup configured to meet the customer's requirements, our managed support team will perform scheduled server maintenance operations that include OS and software updates to ensure optimal performance and latest security patches.

Advanced configurations

Any online business can benefit from our broad experience with thousands of dedicated machines and hosting solutions by using our advanced management service. Our IT experts can create and deploy custom hosting solutions with very specific requirements at a much lower cost in comparison with a dedicated technical staff, allowing our customers to focus their time and resources elsewhere.

Backup and recovery

Using both cloud and local strategies, we offer complete backup systems to ensure redundancy and real time restoration procedures to eliminate any data loss or service disruption.


Managed security services that abide to international quality control standards making sure that our customers and their business adhere to regulatory and compliance law. This service includes virus protection, spam filters, proper firewall configuration and software updates to include the latest security patches.

Database administration

Through our database management service we offer administration, monitoring and support for the most popular database environments, including installation, maintenance and troubleshooting.

Our values

24/7 Support

Our technical team is ready to respond to tickets and emails fast, to any inquiry related to our services you might have. Our customer support team is sociable, well informed and ready to lend a helping hand.

DDoS Protection

Our network infrastructure and dedicated servers are protected against DDoS attacks by our custom built in-house DDoS protection supervised by our NOC team which mitigates any threat or network degradation instantly.

European Data Center

Our data center is designed to meet strict European laws and guidelines, ensuring that our hosting services meet high standards in terms of data privacy, power reliability, network redundancy, digital and physical security.