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High Quality Video Streaming

Host.AG offers reliable video streaming hosting solutions suitable for any streaming environment.

We designed our video streaming solutions with privacy, flexibility and optimization as core principles, making our servers able to stream video and audio on the internet or private networks to any device without requiring apps or extra software installed.

Video On Demand

You can run any streaming service on our video streaming dedicated servers, making our video streaming solution ideal for VOD (Video On Demand), OVP (Online Video Platform) or Live Streaming platforms.

For video streaming services that experience fast growth and need reliable solutions to cope with it, we can provide our service on a Infrastructure as A Service (IAAS) model, allowing you to expand or scale your enterprise hardware resources in the most efficient way possible.

We can scale the infrastructure of your video streaming service from a single dedicated machine to multiple server clusters that can sustain large streaming platforms.

Having extensive experience in video streaming platforms, we provide multiple video streaming management packages, from service optimization to a fully managed solution, or even build the video streaming technology required by our customers to operate their business.

All our customers receive the following free managed services: unlimited server reboots, free software repository for operating systems and software installation, service and network monitoring.

The infrastructure

The dedicated video streaming servers used by Host.AG are manufactured by Dell, the leading global enterprise-class hardware producer, allowing us to provide only the highest quality hardware and solutions for our customers and their platforms.

Our infrastructure is strategically located in Bulgaria, giving our customers an excellent location within the European Union and close to the intersection between Europe, Asia and Africa making us an ideal partner for video streaming services that are looking for secure and reliable hosting solutions with great peering and internet connectivity into the fast-expanding EMEA business market.

If you would like to order a video streaming dedicated server, please contact us with all the necessary details of your setup and our support staff will return with an answer in a very short time.